slide1Research Makes Sense
Research does not only produce new knowledge and innovation, it provides tools for dealing with knowledge in a systematic way.
> slide2Stem Cell Research
Regarded as one of the basic building blocks of the human body, stem cells are important because they have the ability to become different cell types, and scientists are working on developing ways to use stem cells to repair or regenerate damaged organs or tissues
> slide6Investigating the Pathogenesis of Human Disease
Our mission embraces the concept of “One Medicine” through interdisciplinary comparative medical research, teaching, and model development. Its research mission is to investigate the pathogenesis of human disease, using experimental animal models and naturally occurring animal diseases.
slide3Scientific Innovation
Great paradigm shifts depend on innovation, for which there is no training. The reality of scientific discovery is an extraordinary tale. Innovators are very different from popular conceptions of a scientist.
slide4Health Decisions
Advancing healthcare that reflects the values of an informed public. Patient-centered care is widely recognized as a core dimension of a quality modern health service. Informed decision-making – a two-way dialogue between patients and their health practitioners about the benefits, risks and alternatives of treatment, taking into account the patient’s personal circumstances, beliefs and priorities – is vital to truly patient-centered care.
slide5Discoveries, Initiatives, Projects
The synergies between advances in computing and advances in science open the doors to exciting research agendas. Scientific questions have motivated research in many areas including distributed sensor networks, high-end computing, distributed systems, scalable databases, statistical and data mining algorithms, computer networks and the web itself.
slide6Cutting-edge Technology
Our aim is to be on the cutting edge of informatics and technology in order to influence national priorities such as ‘meaningful use’ in the context of health care reform


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Who we are

Improved quality of life is a direct consequence of advancement in science owed greatly to the dedicated performance of scientists from every laboratory corner of the world. The Research Centre has undergone numerous transformations in its brief history: from its initial objective of providing nuclear medicine for the treatment of cancer to becoming an important participant in the field of biological research.