Molecular Genetics Staff & Facilities

The Laboratory is headed by Marios Kambouris, PhD, FACMG and consists of two technical staff.

For the successful fulfillment of the laboratory’s scientific goals at least two more technical assistants are required. These would need to be highly skilled individuals with ample experience in molecular biology laboratory techniques and seasoned in molecular genetics theoretical aspects. Thus, one senior experienced and one less experienced technician could be assigned to each of the two major laboratory functions: gene mapping and DNA diagnostics.


The Laboratory for Molecular Genetics & DNA Diagnostics occupies a 17m2 laboratory space where all the wet laboratory work is performed and a 12m2 laboratory space dedicated to PCR DNA amplification and DNA extraction. The laboratories equipment needs are met with one 96-well PCR machine, two sequencing electrophoresis apparatuses, a number of horizontal agarose gel electrophoresis apparatuses, microcentrifuge and power supplies. Office space for the laboratory head and desk space for the technical staff are absolutely essential and badly needed.